Expo stand TAL in Köln
for SUMM (Zwevegem, Belgium)

SUMM made for TAL at Light+Building 2018 in Frankfurt a real spacelab as an expo stand. The design was by Tom from TAL and I pimped it with some extra visual candy. A scifi-like line pattern, a massive rotating antenna on the roof, some polystyrene mars rocks, weathering paint effects on the hull and I also photoshopped a huge seamless Mars soil (with Neil Armstrong his footprint somewhere hidden) that was digitally printed on a 10 by 10 meter carpet. The actual construction was challenging but big fun to build and even more so when then the TAL boys came in and implemented all their newest light designs. And for their new Orbital project (high-end lighting merged with ventilation, as well as sound, smoke and motion detection) they put a 3000W smoke generator on the roof! Boys with toys. If you’re into light design then you should check TAL’s website.