subject: set design OFFSCREEN 2019 (Bxl)
client: VZW MARCEL (Belgium)

And also this year Offscreen (vzw Marcel) asked me to make a part of the scenery at Cinema Nova. This years focus is video games adaptations in movies like Tron, Avalon, eXistenZ, Joysticks … how can I say no. There’s also a section of snuff and acte de présence by 71yr old Roberta Findlay who was active in the exploitation scene… So I made a modest 42nd street impression with a small Snuffland room where the darkest fantasies sprout. But of course I had the most fun building an exact replica of the UFO as shown on the original cabinet of the Space Invaders arcade games and I also had the space invaders monster (jump)suit made by the mighty Basten Basstanie.
basten basstanie