subject: freelance work
client: ATENTO (Gent, Belgium).

I have many respect for this Gent based company. They hired me a lot to work on various projects, ranging from set design for television to cultural expositions and musea. I did a lot of technical design (3D software) for ATENTO and built some of the most amazing constructions in my career at their workshop as part of their team. Mostly what is shown here is designed by PIECE MONTEE, a great design studio that excels in set design for museums and television.   DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT CLAIM TO BE THE DESIGNER, THE INSTRUCTING PARTY NOR THE CLIENT OF THE PRESENTED WORKS. But what you see in the pictures I did built (certainly for the smaller projects) or I’ve taken part in the construction process. The pictures shown here are just to show off my skills and to promote myself as a freelancer. But if you want to know more about this company, you should check their website.