subject: expo stand for CC-TAPIS (Milano, Italy)
at Interieur2018 (Kortrijk, Belgium)
client: SUMM (Zwevegem, Belgium)

Now this is a pretty experimental stand for the great CC-Tapis from Milan who make the most extraordinary contemporary design carpets. The design for the stand came from Studio Milo (Milan) and they commissioned SUMM (Zwevegem) for the build. So SUMM asked me to care of this project. I made a complete technical makeover in 3D and from there I could  start building all the various parts. The base level where the whole steel structure rests on is coated in industrial PU foam and the giant wall and logo are handpainted concrete imitation. The real challenge was to build the mesh structure out of individual steel cages measuring 2x1x0,4m and stack them 6,5m high into one solid construction. The team from SUMM made it all happen.